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Musical Group: Night Groove
Primary Styles: Cover Band, Variety Band,
Secondary Styles: , ,

Group Size: 8
Location: Phoenix AZ

Bio: Night Groove is a 8 piece high energy dance variety band playing the music that everyone knows and loves to dance to. Our lead female vocalist and the entire band fun with the crowd and are interactive to make the music blend perfectly with your event. Our musicians are top professional players and singers and always bring the necessary energy and enthusiasm to make this night really Groove as it should. Choose Night Groove and ensure that the music becomes part of your positive memories of this important evening for you and your guests. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Current Audio File 1: Night GrooveGame_of_Love.mp3
Current Audio File 2: Night GrooveHow_Far_is_Heaven.mp3
Current Audio File 3: Night GrooveI_Wish.mp3

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